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We were able to do everything exactly as we wanted

Dear Annie


I would like to thank all of you at Lodge Brothers for helping me to tailor the funeral into a fabulous day; that is what it was, full of joy and laughter, accompanying the obvious sorrow.  You must all be very special and understanding, as you have to be able to cater to any type of funeral, and most importantly, not judge but to offer advice and guidance where appropriate.  As a result, we (myself, children & ****’s friends) were able to do everything exactly as we wanted, and there is not a single aspect where I wish it could have been different.  The music was brilliant and worked well; it brought the mood up.  Vivienne was brilliant, and your men were nothing short of totally amazing. Neil sorted out the music.  If we were going to have such a day, it was the way to do it.

 Thank you x 1,000,000

Respect and good wishes to you all.