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Purchasing a memorial
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When choosing a memorial please remember that you can alter the design to suit your own requirements and create a personal tribute.They are all individually made and most designs can be made in any stone type.


Unlike many other funeral directors, at Lodge Brothers we have a fully qualified specialist team of masons in-house, which means we can confidently guide you through every step of the process without relying on advice from third parties. Every memorial is individually made and can be personalised through changes in design.



Clients can either choose a memorial from a brochure, or adapt a brochure design to create a unique memorial to your loved one.

When choosing a memorial please remember that you can alter the design to suit your own requirements and create a personal tribute.They are all individually made and most designs can be made in any stone type. All cemeteries and churchyards have specific regulations with regard to memorials.We can advise on the appropriate style, material and lettering finish accordingly.


Our masonry team aims to provide you with the highest level of service including design, advice, installation and aftercare.We use our knowledge of materials, local cemeteries and churchyards and our 3D CAD software to create designs specifically for individuals, see example to the right.

This normally involves a visit to our showroom, a meeting in the cemetery or a home visit, to identify the client’s requirements before sitting down and putting the drawing and quotation together.

There are many shapes of headstones, bases, types of kerbs and variations of design that can be used to fulfil our clients’ requirements.We are able to personalise a headstone through ornamentation such as carving, sandblasting, etching or photo plaques, and can also supply hand carved, reconstituted and bronze statues, together with ceramic photo plaques.


Materials are sourced from all over the world, including the UK, to create beautiful and everlasting memorials as a tribute to your loved one.


These are usually sourced from around the world and then worked in India or China. Granites are very hard stones which when polished need little maintenance. The most common granite surface is all polished, however other finishes are available including:

  • Honed (non-reflective)
  • Sanded (slightly course)
  • Punched (evenly dressed to leave a textured surface)
  • Pitched (a non-uniform rough natural finish).
  • A combination of different finishes can enhance the look of a memorial.
Click here for more granite samples

Traditionally used white marble is always from Carrara in Italy and we recommend this if a client wishes to use a white stone. It can be beautifully carved, however does weather and therefore requires regular cleaning with water or periodic professional cleaning.


Such as Portland stone, Nabresina, Purbeck stone, Celtic limestone – are commonly used in churchyards, although are permitted in cemeteries.They are softer than granite and therefore prone to weathering like marble.As such, they require more maintenance and periodic professional cleaning, unless the client likes the “English churchyard” weathered look.


We promote the use of Yorkshire sandstone (York stone) rather than Indian sandstones which tend to be softer.Yorkshire stone is harder wearing than limestones but will change colour when wet and will slowly weather.


Blue, Black or Green slate are both very hard wearing stones that have been used for memorials throughout the ages.They’re widely used in conjunction with beautifully hand carved lettering to create bespoke and individual memorials.

Natural quarried materials can vary in colour and texture. All goods are sold subject to these natural variations and therefore cannot be guaranteed identical to any image or sample produced. Physical stone samples are available to see in our branches.


A memorial should be a fitting and lasting tribute to commemorate a person’s life. As such, time should be taken to choose wording that reflect this, together with ornamentation and/or designs representing the life of the individual.

Our team of experts will help choose the right type of lettering (ie. hand cut, machine cut or sandblasted) with the type of stone you have selected and our designers will help with the setting out of the inscription and ornamentation, providing a proof for approval prior to lettering the actual stone.

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Round top with half ogee shoulders and stop chamfered edge. Matching shape to front of base.
Please call 01784 252227 or enquire online to obtain a free quotation.
Please note that we do not have an e-commerce site as we believe the purchase of a memorial is something that requires discussion and advice to ensure the right choices are made with regard to material, design, lettering, ornamentation and compliance with the burial authority.