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I wanted to thank you and express my appreciation

Hello Caroline, I wanted to thank you and to express my appreciation for the way my mother’s funeral was arranged and conducted.  Everything was in place exactly as requested, and the family and friends were all treated with kindness, consideration and care.  Paul Blakey and his team proceeded with dignity and professionalism from the moment they collected us to the moment they returned us to the house. Throughout, they treated my mother with great respect.  Steve at Redeye came to Richmond to meet us and took pains to ensure the order of service was produced and printed to our requirements. Colin Irwin gave a sensitive welcome address in which he carefully balanced both the sadness and the fond memories we all felt, and conducted the service in exactly the appropriate tone. I am very grateful to you for the overall organisation and attention to ensure everything went as planned on the day, and for the consideration you have shown us throughout.

Again, many thanks to everybody concerned, warmest regards