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I am writing to thank you…

I am writing to thank you all for the wonderful service you provided in regards to *****’s funeral arrangements.

From our first telephone contact with Andrew, the morning after June’s death, we felt we had made the right decision in asking Lodge Brothers to undertake the funeral and felt as he told us she would be in your care.

As arranging a funeral is not something you do very often it was a task we did not look forward to, we really didn’t know where to start.

We want to thank Kate who was so kind and gentle with us and helped us through the first difficult stages of the arrangements. She gave us time to think about the decisions we were making and also reassured us we could make changes if we decided to.

We also want to thank Lindsay, who again treated us in the same courteous manner and dealt efficiently with any requests we made.

We also need to thank Richard who let the funeral on Friday. He was always there when needed but never in the way. He guided us through it all, without us feeling any pressure. A special thanks to him for agreeing to take the flowers back to the Bradbury Centre for us.

Then last but not least we would like to thank the pallbearers who again did their work very efficiently and quietly.