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Can I please relay my thanks and gratitude for all your help with the funeral arrangements

Can I please relay my thanks and gratitude for all your help with the arrangements for my dad’s funeral in June 2012 , and my Mum’s funeral in January 2013 and more recently for my brother in October 2014.  As you realise Val, having a bereavement in the family is always stressful so I want to relay my appreciation to you personally for your kind words, and help in making all the arrangements, and a cup of tea was very thoughtful.  You even remembered my family’s name which is a lovely touch which means you are sincere.  This is a rare thing with some companies and I do hope that you are appreciated.  Naomi was lovely for my brother’s funeral and again she was very kind and thoughtful with the service and afterwards.  Both Paul and Reg. were fantastic especially Reg at my brothers funeral, who took me to the flowers, and even let me hold onto his arm for support, they gave me so much support with kind words and actions and again this was appreciated very much.  Your Pall Bearers were exceptional and very professional in every way.  The employees at Lodge brothers are very well presented and really take pride in what they do, and are very kind and polite – Thank you.