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Dear Alex,
I would just like to thank you formally for all that you have done with the funeral arrangements to help me through from B’s death, to the funeral yesterday, and beyond in helping me think about what next with the ashes, etc.
Your attention to detail has been much appreciated as has the caring way in which you have liaised with me. It has made such a difference to what has been an unprecedented time with the Corona Virus restrictions, added to the difficulty of losing my loved one to the virus.
It was unfortunate about the flowers yesterday which I know was not of your doing. I think you were as upset as I was about their non-delivery. However, I would like to Thank Robert and you for organising the beautiful blue and pink bouquet for me. The flowers have come in my favourite soft colours and are gorgeous, as are the white ones in the sheath which were meant for yesterday. I have found a home for them all.
The funeral arrangements themselves went very smoothly, managed with sensitivity around the restrictions, and we felt well taken care of by Robert and the team.