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Several times over this passed year we thought my Mother-in-Law was going to pass away and as a result we got in touch with the Weybridge branch and met up with Jackie, who from day one has been the most caring and professional person my husband and I have met in a long time.
When my Mother-in-Law finally passed away, on New Years Eve, we got in touch with Jackie who by that time had moved on from the Weybridge branch to other duties. So instead we went to the Addlestone branch and the lovely Ken, who has been so helpful. However, Jackie called us and started the ball rolling and dealt with the arrangements herself.
Jackie is amazing, she is so caring and took all the weight of our shoulders with the utmost professionalism. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful person working for you.
The funeral went without a hitch, the team were fantastic, so many guests commented on it.
I feel I had to let you know about our experience with Lodge Brothers and especially with Jackie. Our family owe her a lot, she has helped us get through this very sad and difficult time in our lives.