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We have now had time to reflect following the passing of my Mother and although 92 it still hit the family with sadness. Mia on behalf of the whole family, I have to say a huge thank you to Lodge Brothers, to Kevin, James and the funeral team on the day and of course not least yourself.

From the moment we first came to see you, both you and Kevin made us feel totally at ease. You took us through the arrangements thoroughly and at our own pace. But it didn’t stop there, you contacted us on a couple of occasions and made sure all our needs were met and at the funeral, James and the team guided us through the day. I know, like us, my Mother would have appreciated the professionalism of the Lodge Brothers team.

Through my many years of association with Acacia Cricket Club, I have known Bill, Robert and Beverley for a number of years and they should be very proud of the Sunbury team.

Once again Mia thank you for your time and genuine kindness during our grieving