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Thank you for looking after us with such sensitivity and empathy

Dear Tom, Richard & Jim, Thank you very much for all your help and support in arranging the funeral service. The service was everything we wanted it to be for him, thank you for making it so.  Tom, thank you for the compassionate and caring way in which you helped us make all the arrangements. You treated us with great patience and delicacy when we were upset and asking distressing questions.  Richard and Jim, thank you for looking after us with such sensitivity and empathy on the day of ****’s funeral. You were a great support to us and it was very comforting to know that you had met **** and looked after him throughout his time in your care.  As soon as we walked into your office in Englefield Green we knew we were in the right place for us and for ****. We had never had to arrange a funeral before and you were all very kind and gentle as you guided us through what to do both beforehand and on the day. Thank you for treating **** with such dignity and for looking after all three of us with such respect. We are extremely grateful.


Jun 29, 2022 16:12:56