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Thank you so much for the kindness

Thank you so much for the kindness, sympathy etc you showed us all.  You made a very sad experience for us as pleasant as could be under the circumstances and it helped enormously! You are so clam, helpful, efficient and with such understanding and compassion. As we mentioned, after two not too pleasant experiences we were given your details by an undertaker near Collampton in Devon.  It was the best thing for us as we felt at ease and confident with you, and also Bill was equally good and made the day so much easier and he too was so friendly, understanding and compassionate.  Many people too have asked if we have known the Rev Malcolm Johnson for years – and that was how we felt!  Many people who attended the funeral, over 80.  They gave wonderful tributes to **** and he would have been so proud!, actually said at the time, and phoned later, how under the sad circumstances was a memorable and happy occasion.  So many people talked to each other and a friendly atmosphere.  The service was beautiful and also the Rev Malcolm Johnson, and my family gave beautiful tributes.   Thank you so much for all you did to help us. (Lodge Brothers, Esher)