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Branch Testimonials

Branch Testimonials: Sunningdale

I would like to say many thanks to you for your very professional guidance, through what is the saddest ever time in my 80 years.  But with your kindness and comforting way you helped me through, for which I will be forever grateful.  Thank you.

Mrs C - Sunningdale | 05.12.2019
Lodge Branch:

Thank you Carol,
Thank you for all your hard work, everything went smoothly.  You made everything so easy for us when we left for home in the USA, knowing everything was looked after and in place, gave us such comfort.  Everything was so well organised, and so well timed, we knew the 8 hour time difference was going to be tricky, but you managed it!
We are really glad we met you, and thank you for your kindness..

Mrs K - Sunningdale | 03.12.2019
Lodge Branch:

In her own time, Carol administered to all our needs, indeed we didn’t have to visit the branch.  We would like to sincerely thank you Carol for all your care, attention to detail, and love.  Everything went very smoothly.  The ‘little’ things you did – ‘staying with him’ at the crematorium gave us great solace.  Carol is very empathic and goes the extra mile; this should be recognised.

Mrs B - Sunningdale | 13.11.2019
Lodge Branch:

Thank you for all you did to organise the funeral, you and your people are excellent, and I don’t think it could have gone more smoothly.  We had seventy people attend, and the flowers were just super.  Once again Carol, thank you.

Mrs W - Sunningdale | 01.10.2019
Lodge Branch:

I would like to thank you for all you have done.  Right from the moment I walked in to the branch, you have delivered what you promised, to make it a special day for our Dad.  You have shown such kindness and compassion, and did everything with such professionalism.  Our mum couldn’t believe how kind you were when she came to say goodbye to Dad in the Chapel of Rest, you have eased the pain of a very difficult day.  You have been outstanding.  The gentlemen and the conductor made us feel like we were in such good hands.
Heartfelt thanks from every single member of the family, who couldn’t believe what an exceptional funeral you managed to deliver.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mrs B - Sunningdale | 26.09.2019
Lodge Branch:

Dear Steve and Carol,
You were both so kind and understanding with my request for B’s ashes to be transferred into a smaller container. I can now fulfil his wishes to be scattered on Exmoor, where we spent many happy holidays.  It meant so much to me and you made it easier, thank you both.

Mrs B - Sunningdale | 16.08.2019
Lodge Branch:

Thank you Carol for your hard work, everything was perfect, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  There is nothing I would have changed, the funeral was spot-on. The gentlemen on the day, were so smartly turned out, and looked the part.  I had people come up to say what a great send off.

Mrs C - Sunningdale | 17.7.2019
Lodge Branch:

Dear Carol,
Firstly I cannot thank you enough for all your help with Mum’s funeral arrangements. From our very first meeting I knew that we had the right person to guide us, and deliver an excellent service with attention to even the smallest detail. You took on all the difficult organisation and planning giving us time to turn our attention to the actual services. With your help, we managed to give Mum the send-off that she deserved.

Mrs B - Sunningdale | 16.05.2019
Lodge Branch:

The funeral was absolutely beautiful, and the gentlemen were brilliant.  I recognised the gentleman who came to take mum away when she passed, and I shook his hand to say “thank you” for being so kind and professional.  Martin Shaw (celebrant) was fantastic and so kind and I would recommend him to anybody. Thank you Carol for all your hard work.

Mrs C - Sunningdale | 14.05.2019
Lodge Branch:

The funeral went really well. Many people attending commented on how very beautiful, and how very well done it all was.  The gentleman conductor at the crematorium was excellent, the words he said were short and so relevant, and we were very happy, if you can be on such an occasion.
Also, thank you Carol for all you have done, it was excellent

Mr M - Sunningdale | 14.05.2019
Lodge Branch: