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Victoria Kibble Joins ‘Living with Dying’ Podcast to Break Taboos on Death & Dying

April 24th, 2024
Victoria Kibble Joins ‘Living with Dying’ Podcast to Break Taboos on Death & Dying

In an effort to tackle the stigma surrounding death and dying, Senior District Manager Victoria Kibble has joined Dilys Morgan on the “Living with Dying” podcast. This podcast series aims to shatter societal taboos surrounding the inevitable, prompting candid conversations on a topic often avoided.
Coinciding with Dying Matters Awareness Week, May 6 – 12, 2024, this podcast episode aligns perfectly with the initiative’s goal of sparking dialogue within communities. Dying Matters Awareness Week encourages individuals to engage in conversations about the significance of discussing end-of-life matters openly.

In the episode, Victoria Kibble and Dilys Morgan delve into why discussing death remains a challenge despite its universal inevitability. By addressing this discomfort head-on, they hope to empower listeners to approach these crucial conversations with more openness and understanding.

Experience the enlightening conversation between Victoria Kibble and Dilys Morgan by tuning in to the “Living with Dying” podcast episode 21. Gain valuable insights and perspectives on navigating the complexities of death and dying in today’s world.

Join us during Dying Matters Awareness Week as we foster meaningful discussions about the importance of confronting mortality with courage and compassion. Together, let’s break the silence and embrace the journey of living with dying.
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