May 17th, 2013

Motor-cycling has always been a popular pastime, some would say a way of life for British youth. It is an interesting fact, however, that the average age of the British motor-cyclist has risen from 24 in 1952, to 44 in 2012.

Most of those who opt for two wheels rather than four, usually remain keen ‘bikers’ well into their latter years.  It is no surprise, therefore, that ‘motor-cycle funerals’ are becoming ever more popular.

There are numerous companies in the UK now, who provide a motor-cycle hearse for hire.  The most popular form of hearse is that of the side-car, although there are also some who provide a ‘trailer’ hearse towed by a motor tricycle.

Most of the motor cycles used are older types, with British marques such as Triumph and BSA being particularly popular. These bikes are more suited to the job than modern bikes; a predominance of chrome, rather than plastic fairings, is visually more pleasing and more dignified.

District Manager Peter Breslin is pictured astride a Triumph motor cycle hearse prior to a recent funeral at our Yiewsley Branch.