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Sunrise of Weybridge – Grave Talk for Dying Matters Week

June 13th, 2019
Sunrise of Weybridge – Grave Talk for Dying Matters Week

Lodge Brothers District Manager Xenos Foster met with residents from the beautiful Sunrise of Weybridge Care Home to mark the national Dying Matters awareness week. A huge thank you to Will Burke, the Director of Community Relations for helping to set-up this session of GraveTalk to promote conversations around the topic of mortality. The discussion provoked interesting debate about what is important to us in our lives today, what our own funerals would look like, how we want to be remembered and the best way to ensure our wishes are respected. We all agreed that recording our wishes and safely storing them for our families is the most important way we can help our loved ones. Come in and speak to us about your own Funeral Wishes! We don’t bite and we have tea and biscuits in great supply!