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Shobha Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary with Lodge Brothers

September 27th, 2021
Shobha Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary with Lodge Brothers

This month, Shobha, our Arranger at Isleworth celebrates her 1 year anniversary working with Lodge Brothers.

Q – What was it like when you first joined us back in September 2020?


After working at Heathrow Airport for 25 years, I was so excited to be joining a company within a completely different Industry. I was naturally quite apprehensive about such a significant career change, however it has always been an ambition of mine to work in a position where I am able to help and support people during difficult stages in their lives. That in itself is the ultimate reward
There was lots to learn when I first started, but I was welcomed with such warmth and openness from the team, everyone has been great helping me build my knowledge and confidence in the role.

Q – What challenges have you faced in the first year?


The pandemic has been the main challenge for the first 9 months in the role, not being able to have face to face meetings with the families posed a huge challenge, and most meetings had to be done predominantly via the telephone which made it difficult to build a rapport with them.
We encouraged webcasts during funerals as an alternative to attendance due to restrictions in numbers, it was well received by clients as it gave a means for family members to still be a part of the service despite not being there in person.

Q – Do you enjoy working in Isleworth and becoming part of the local community?


Being a brand new branch, we had to be very proactive in establishing Lodge Brothers in the Isleworth area. We’ve begun to work closely with local care homes, doctor’s surgeries and crematoriums. I very quickly came to appreciate that Isleworth is a close knit community where residents have lived most of their lives, it was important to be respectful of that and essential for us to be accepted as part of the community. Enjoyment doesn’t come close to it, I feel privileged to be in a position to look after our families and their loved ones at such a difficult and emotional time

Q – What upcoming things are you looking forward to?


I am looking forward to continuing to build on a very positive first year and integrate further with the community. I am extremely passionate about embracing all faiths and cultures in order for Lodge Brothers to be able to provide a truly unique and bespoke service to these various communities.

Shobha is available to discuss your needs Monday to Friday and can be contacted onĀ 020 8194 9510.