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Service of Remembrance at St Mary’s Church Sunbury

December 12th, 2017
Service of Remembrance at St Mary’s Church Sunbury

Each year, Lodge Brothers holds a series of Christmas Memorial Services, giving the families that they have served through the year, the opportunity to come and light a candle and remember their loved ones missing at the table this Christmas-time.
The service held at St Mary’s Church in Sunbury saw nearly 250 people brave the snow and rain to join in the event. During the service, in addition to music played by the excellent Staines Lammas Band, guest violinist Lisa Rollin played three beautiful pieces, one as the church lights were lowered and the remembrance candles flickered away on the altar.
“It was a very moving time,” said Richard Leachman, Lodge Brothers District Manager, “and afterwards people commented how this service helps them to continue to come to terms with their loss”.
St Mary’s vicar, Father Andrew Downes led the service which he and Richard put together, and he too in his homily mentioned how a time such as this can bring real comfort.