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Remembrance Day Window Display at West Byfleet…by Annie Mackender

December 11th, 2013

I had a eureka moment about the window display early in October and so with the help of friends I tried to get all the things I needed together. I wanted to do something that paid tribute to all the services.

The Naval Lieutenant Commanders jacket came from a friend in Southsea who found it in a local charity shop; she also found two officers caps in a car boot sale plus binoculars, army water bottle and compass. She has since sold all these things, on ebay and made a good profit, and one of my ex clients who sails bought one of the caps to wear on his boat. I supplied naval charts of the French coast and navigational equipment.

The army uniform was from a local as was the camouflage net, army boots, gas mask, Union Jack and Bergan, a greatcoat was from one of Boutells guys!

The Air force uniform belonged to Bill, a Bomber Command veteran, who used to be a bomb aimer in Lancasters, I also had a photo of him with a Lancaster flying overhead. His best friend Ernie, also of Bomber Command, flew Spitfires and Lancasters and lent us his flying cap, goggles and gauntlets. These two wonderful gentlemen came to see the window and had their photo taken in front of it.

I had help in getting wonderful posters made with Churchill’s comments on them, poems, hymns etc, there were two for each of the services shown.

I also placed a sign in the window to thank all the local people who donated their memorabilia for the display.

I have never had so many people stop and look at the window, and come in and say how much they liked it. It was well worth the effort, and for next year?? I’m already thinking about it.