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Exclusive Training Programme at Lodge Brothers for Chauffeurs & Bearers

June 22nd, 2014

CB1Over 2 years of planning and evaluation came to fruition this month with the launch of a new coaching and training scheme  for Chauffeur/Bearers at Lodge Brothers Head Office in Feltham.

The initiative runs parallel to the existing  training programme but is much more in depth and allows staff to develop both their skills and their career, and is totally unique to Lodge Brothers.

The scheme has 5 levels matched to staffs’ experience, ranging from new entrants to the most experienced Chauffeur/Bearer.  Staff are able to gain knowledge and experience outside their normal duties together with acquiring  life skills such as communications, leadership and  management.

As staff progress through the scheme they are rewarded  to reflect their achievements, which are carefully monitored.

Lodge Brothers Director Janet Lodge said, ‘The initiative has already given Lodge Brothers Chauffeur Bearers more peripheral knowledge of their work which has resulted in an even better service for our clients’.

The picture shows staff receiving  their first awards under the programme.