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Lodge Brothers Staff Enter into the Community Spirit in Chertsey

February 25th, 2014

SandbaggingThe community of Chertsey came out in force last week to help the residents affected by the flooding which followed the recent extraordinary weather. Ninety locals answered the call and turned up outside St Peter’s Church to fill and deliver sandbags, donated by local companies.
Lodge Brothers District manager Richard Leachman didn’t even have time to get changed before joining the crowd! Accompanied by Chertsey branch arranger, Helen Kempster, they filled sandbags and loaded them into 4×4’s and vans of other volunteers, who in turn took them to those in need.
Richard said: “We have all seen the pictures of the water and indeed some of our own colleagues have been severely affected by the flooding; so getting my hands dirty and trying to do my bit is the very least I should do.”