Lodge Brothers of Ashford & Bedfont Support Fund-Raising Horse-Drawn Parade in Memory of Patrick Beach

July 15th, 2013

On Sunday 7th July, Lodge Brothers of Bedfont and Ashford supported a fund-raising Horse-Drawn procession, from Long Lane to Hampton Court, in Memory of Patrick Beach, who lost his life in a boating accident 2yrs ago. The money raised was for Portsmouth Lifeguards and Gosport & Fareham Inshore Rescue Service, both of whom tried to save Patrick.

Patrick was 32, married with 2 young daughters. He owned a boat with one of his friends. One Sunday, they were out on the boat with friends when a freak wave threw Patrick into the sea.
He got caught up in the propeller, which, as it is not law in this country, did not have a safety guard.

Since Patrick’s accident several others have met the same fate. So Ann, his mother, is now campaigning to get a law passed to ensure the fitting of safety guards on all boats.

After the procession, everyone returned to the ‘Three Crowns’ pub, for a gourmet buffet, auction and raffle. The event raised more than £3,000 in total.

Vanda Bloomfield, funeral arranger at Lodge Brothers, has been friends with Ann, Patrick’s mother for a long time. She donated prizes for the raffle on behalf of Lodge Brothers, and attended the event.

“It was an impressive turnout with over twenty five horse drawn vehicles and so many of Patrick’s friends came to offer their support.” Vanda explained. “It’s wonderful that Lodge Brothers were able to support this event in the memory of someone who was taken at such a young age.’