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Jill Palmer of Lodge Brothers Windsor, Walks Morcambe Bay for Teenage Cancer

May 21st, 2013

Jill with Diane Thompson braving the weather

Knee/Thigh Deep in Morecambe Bay










At 11am on a very wet Saturday morning, nearly 200 people joined together with Diane and Gary Thompson and their daughter Becky to walk across Morecombe Bay to raise money for Teenage Cancer (Christies Hospital Manchester).

In 2008, The Thompsons lost their son Dean to the disease at the tender age of 19 years. Despite everything that Dean faced at that time, his courage and inspiration carries on with the amazing fundraising events such as this, to help other teenagers and young people like Dean have a better quality of life.

The 9 mile walk across Morecombe Bay, from Arnside to Kent Bay in Grange, is so dangerous it can only be done under the leadership and direction of a guide. The guide who took us across was the Queens Guide, Cedric Robinson MBE.

The weather conditions were so poor, we received confirmation only half an hour before that the walk would go ahead!

There was a fantastic show of unity and team spirit from all that participated, with lots of laughter and a huge element of fun.
Ages ranged from 5yrs to over 75yrs and the walk was very difficult at times. On occasions the water was thigh deep (but I am short!) It was very cold and it rained for a good part of the walk. However, despite this, it was so uplifting to see so many people united in the fight against this terrible disease.
It also gave me the opportunity to spend some time with a friend I had not seen for some time and my co-walker, Clare kept me in very good spirits throughout.

The walk was achieved in record time of just over 3 hrs, which is a major achievement considering the conditions on the day.

The total amount of money raised is yet to be confirmed, but thanks to the very kind donations made by the Directors of Lodge Brothers, family and work colleagues, I personally managed to raise £280.00.

* Managing to complete the 9 miles without the aid of RNLI!
* Mastering my “catalogue” photo poses whilst in deep water

*Falling in sheep dung at the final stretch!

Other facts:
* Weight lost – albs
* Trainers condemned – 1 pair
* Socks to be incinerated – 1 pair
* Cream cakes eaten – 2
* Wine drank – 2 (Plus brandy for medicinal purposes)
* Blisters – 4
* Muscles strained – 1
* Bars of chocolate consumed – 2
* Friend reunited with – 1
* Young lives changed – Numerous.

Top Tip of the Day – by Becky Thompson (age 21)
* Always wear false eyelashes so your mascara does not run! (oh to be young!)

Cancer does not discriminate, not even on age – there are still young people facing this terrible disease every single day.
Q: What can we do before they find a cure?
A: Unite together to help give the teenagers and young people who face this disease a far better quality of life.