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Day Trips on the River – Courtesy of Lodge Brothers

August 1st, 2018
Day Trips on the River – Courtesy of Lodge Brothers

A little while ago, Jill Palmer (branch arranger at Lodge Brothers in Windsor) organised a charity quiz night, with proceeds going to the work of Age Concern through the Spencer Denney Centre in the town. She has now received a couple of pictures of day-trips on the Thames arranged by the centre and paid for by the money raised. “It’s great to see our local residents who use the centre having such lovely boat trips” said Jill. “But there was more!”
Indeed there was, as Rachel Harvey, Chief Officer, told us: “we arranged a trip to a local garden centre something that was more of a challenge, hiring a minibus for the experience … also, we have bought/repaired two wheelchairs that will greatly help us to take the clients out on trips in future and we hope that we can find plenty of places that will accommodate the groups. And there was still money left over for decorations, craft items and funds for an entertainer later in the year”. Jill concluded: “it is so good to see the money raised from a fun night out go so far for the elderly residents of Windsor”.