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BUDDY SUPPORT GROUP – Working Together In Windsor

June 4th, 2013

Over the last year, Jill Palmer of Lodge Brothers Windsor, has arranged funerals for those in the community who have been very alone and isolated, sometimes with no family or friends.  It inspired her to do more for these people.

Jill says, “I have organised funerals for people who had no-one left in their lives. It made me realise that I want to offer some sort of companionship to those who do spend a lot of time on their own.”

With the support of Lodge Brothers and local ministers Jill recently met with members of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society in Windsor, who do a lot of work with the lonely. There are still many people that they cannot reach due to the limited numbers of volunteers.  So Jill will be shadowing some of the volunteers on their visits to local nursing homes with the aim of becoming a ‘companion’ with her own group of volunteers.

Several local people have already expressed an interest in joining her, and Nursing Homes have responded well to the idea.


She added, “The Buddy Group is in its early stages. It’s a long term project but I am looking forward to being able to support vulnerable people in the community where I live, even if it is only for a cup of tea and a chat once a week.”

Anyone is welcome to volunteer for the scheme.

For more details please contact Jill Palmer at Lodge Brothers Windsor 01753 831400.