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Branch Testimonials: West Byfleet

I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to you Annie and thank you for the excellent service provided by Lodge Brothers at B’s funeral. From start to finish the compassionate way you handled every need. I know it’s your job but I do feel that you went the extra mile.

Although it was such a sad day, it was made to feel a memorable day. I hope B was watching from above and thinking “we did good”

Thank you so much

Ms K - New Haw | 16. 06. 2017
Lodge Branch:

I wanted to call and thank you for the lovely note with the before and after photos that you sent to me, it was really kind of you. I went with my grandson to see the memorial and I couldn’t believe it, it looked like new! Your men have done a fantastic job. I now know why I had to sign so much paperwork and why it took a while, I am really pleased with it.

Mr W - Addlestone | 26.05.2017
Lodge Branch:

The funeral went exceptionally well and your mens’ attention to detail was fantastic, it was a lovely service. Thank you for all you have done and your support.

Ms K - New Haw | 26.05,2017
Lodge Branch:

Thank you, it all went very well and ran very smoothly

Mr S - Pyrford | 25.05.2017
Lodge Branch:

Thank you for everything, it all went very well despite the terrible weather which we all found very atmospheric!

Mr H - West Byfleet | 24.05.2017
Lodge Branch:

Thank you for all your help with Terry’s ashes. The box is lovely. Can’t tell you what it meant to me when you said you ‘talked to him’.

I’m glad he has come home for a few days. We are going to the churchyard on Thursday.

I can’t recall the name of the chap who ‘brought him home’ but will you thank him most sincerely for me. He was kindness itself.  He

remembered the things Philip said about Terry’s life and career and considering how many eulogies he must hear that was meaningful  to me.

Mrs M - Woking | 24.04.2017
Lodge Branch:

Everything went really well, your men looked smart, with polished shoes, and I really liked the way that the conductor walked in front of the hearse down our road, it was very respectful. The flowers were fantastic I would like you to thank the florist (Margaret). Thank you for taking the red rose casket spray and the rose heart to the Woking hospice for us, we took the shamrock home and it was later laid on a family grave.

Mrs W - West Byfleet | 12.04.2017
Lodge Branch:

Please thank all of the men on the day they were wonderful, very dignified, it all went very well and we were very pleased that we had an extended time service so that nobody was rushed. Thank you for your help.


Mrs G - West Byfleet | 10.04.2017
Lodge Branch:

Thank you Annie for all that you have done and for making it less stressful than it could have been.

The staff on the day were very professional.

Mr G - Woodham | 10.04.2017
Lodge Branch:

Thank you so much for all your help and advice and the service on the day itself. I was so touched that Keith came out of Semi-retirement for it.

Mr G - Ripley | 07.04.2017
Lodge Branch: