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Branch Testimonials: Hanworth

Dear Susan, Thank you so much for all your help and guidance following the passing of my mother.

Thank you for your advice and for being there to answer all my questions. Also a big thank you for arranging for Colin Irwin to present the service for us, as we found him to be excellent, friendly and amenable.

Thank you for keeping me informed and your guidance throughout the whole process. Keep up the good work!

Miss W - Hanworth | 01.08.2017
Lodge Branch:

Thank you for all your help, it all went very well.

Mrs K - Hanworth | 25.07.2017
Lodge Branch:

Thank you, Susan, for all that you have done, sorting out our bank, minister, music. Mum looked so peaceful when we came to visit, you took great care of her. The men were so good on the day, they looked after us so well. Thank you.

Miss W - Hanworth | 21.07.2017
Lodge Branch:

Thank you for all that you have done for Mum, the men were so good and were very helpful. Thank you again

Mrs B - Hanworth | 12.07.2017
Lodge Branch:

The service was emotional, but nice. Naomi did a lovely service. Thank you for your help. Keven and the guys, they were so lovely. Thank you.

Mrs S - Hanworth | 16.06.2017
Lodge Branch:

It all went so well, a lovely celebration of Francis’s life. I cannot highly recommend you enough, you were wonderful, the men were wonderful and the celebrant you recommended was wonderful. Thank you so much

Mrs S - Hanworth | 18.05.2017
Lodge Branch:

I could not have coped without Susan, she was brilliant in every way and so helpful. The conductor and men were excellent, so kind and professional.


Mrs K - Hanworth | 10.05.2017
Lodge Branch:


Suzette at Uxbridge was very helpful, as I wanted to arrange the funeral near to where my Mum lived, Suzette phoned Hanworth branch. I went to see Susan, she was so nice I could talk to her, she showed my Mum so much respect and so did the Conductor and the men on the day of the funeral. Everyone was so professional but at the same time like friends. It really helped me at one of the worst times in my life.

Ms L - Uxbridge | 10.05.2017
Lodge Branch:

Thank you very much for your help it all went so smoothly, the crew were so nice and helpful, it was lovely thank you


Mrs M - Hanworth | 02.05.2017
Lodge Branch:

Thank you for everything, it all went smoothly. Thank you Susan and the men for arranging to go passed Mum’s home, we had promised that we would take Mum back there and it was a lovely touch.

Hanworth | 27.04.2017
Lodge Branch: